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Every "body" can agree that these videos are rib-tickling and hip! Watch Body Songs by the StoryBots to learn all about our bodies, from head to toe.

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Early learners are sure to love these introductory videos on the concept of the body. This series features high quality music and animation that will instantly engage kids, and which teachers will enjoy watching as well. Each video states facts about its subject in a catchy song to aid kids in retaining the information and exciting them to discover more.

Every "body" can agree that these videos are rib-tickling and hip! Watch Body Songs by the StoryBots to learn all about our bodies, from head to toe.

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Bones In Your Body

Teaching Tool Breakdown

The Body series is part of the Learning Videos series by StoryBots, which includes musical videos featuring concepts like time and animals. Kids will have a blast with these bite-sized videos featuring characters that keep them laughing and learning!

These videos cover the entire body, stating facts about how the body works and in-depth information on each system, in a fun, folky style.

Bones In Your Body:

  • States that bones support the human body
  • Discusses the different bones and how they are connected to each other
  • Explains that kids have 300 bones, and adults have 206 bones
  • Tells how the bones move with ligaments and joints
  • Explains two types of joints
  • States that all the bones together comprise the skeleton

When You Breathe (Lungs):

  • Explains that oxygen is breathed in from the air
  • Shows how the respiratory system moves oxygen throughout the body through blood
  • States that humans have two lungs
  • Tells the parts of the lungs

Food Into Energy:

  • Explains that the food humans eat is turned into energy, through the stomach
  • Tells that the stomach digests food
  • Shows that the food travels from the stomach to the intestines
  • States that the unused food is expelled from the body

Your Heart Has a Beat:

  • Explains that a heart continuously beats
  • Shows the location of the heart in the human body
  • Demonstrates how the heart pumps blood throughout the body and names the various body parts
  • States the heart is part of the circulatory system

Brain, Brain, Brain:

  • Shows the location of the brain
  • Describes the various parts of the brain
  • Names the functions of the brain, including how the brain helps us think, move, and contains memories
  • States the brain is part of the nervous system

When You Breathe (Lungs)

Food Into Energy

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