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Turn your students into the star of a content-rich music video and watch them sing, dance and laugh alongside the StoryBots!

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With Starring You Videos, simply upload a photo and – VOILA! Your student (or teacher) is singing, dancing and laughing alongside the StoryBots in personalized music videos! Each video is approximately 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

These music videos include classic songs, like the Alphabet Song, Wheels on the Bus, and Ten Little StoryBots to help kids count to 10. Kids can also star right next to their favorite animals in the Animal Songs series, and learn new facts about these animals.

The Starring You Videos app is available on the iPhone, iPad and

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By putting students' faces right in the song, your students are instantly engaged, laughing, and learning.

We take privacy and security very seriously. All photos that you upload are restricted to your individual account and won't be shared unless you choose to do so. All StoryBots apps have no advertising or in-app purchases in order to create a safe place for kids to play.

Animal Songs discuss animal facts about tigers, elephants, bears, and more videos are coming soon!
Here are some key facts presented in some of our Animal Songs in the Starring You Videos:

"Tiger in the Jungle"

  1. Tigers live in the jungle
  2. They are part of the cat family
  3. Some physical characteristics of a tiger are described

"Dance with the Elephant"
  1. Elephants are native to Africa
  2. Some physical characteristics of an elephant are described
"Big Brown Boogieing Bear"
  1. Bears live in the forest
  2. Bears are around 500 pounds
  3. Bears hibernate, or sleep, during the winter
"Chicken Bop"
  1. Chickens can live on farms
  2. Some physical characteristics of a chicken are described
  3. Chickens lay eggs
"Ba Ba Baboon"
  1. Baboons live in trees
  2. Native to the sub-Saharan savannah
  3. Baboons groom themselves
"You Gotta Love a Lion"
  1. Some physical characteristics of lions are described
  2. Lions are described as the Kings of the jungle
Classic Songs

are the tunes we all loved as kids -- as well as educational ones, like counting to ten with Ten Little StoryBots and the ABCs! These songs are perfect for emergent readers by introducing children to reading concepts of rhyming and helping with expressive (oral) vocabulary development.

More videos are being added to Starring You Videos to keep the learning fresh and fun!


Your student is the star!


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Animal Songs:

  • Big Brown Boogieing Bear
  • Dance With The Elephant
  • Tiger In The Jungle
  • Chicken Bop
  • Ba Ba Baboon
  • You Gotta Love a Lion
Classic Songs:
  • Old MacDonald
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Ten Little StoryBots
  • If You're Happy
  • Row Your Boat
  • Wheels On The Bus
  • Mulberry Bush
  • Jumping On The Bed
  • Alphabet Song
  • Camptown Races
  • This Old Man
  • Working on the Railroad
  • The More We Get Together


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