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Gr. 3-12. Students create their own business online to create a classroom stock market. Students buy/sell shares to move prices. Teachers introduce news to encourage student adjustments.

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Created by a current High School Principal, simCEO won the SIIA Award for Most Innovative Ed Tech Product for 2013. The simulation targets entrepreneurship and financial literacy while being an easy simulation to enhance engagement in other subjects as well.

Links to standards in: Economics, Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance, Business

SimCEO is the only dynamic simulation played entirely online in which a group of students, over a fictional 10-year period:

  1. Each CREATE individual companies
  2. RESEARCH each others' companies online
  3. TRADE: Manage a portfolio by buying and selling shares in each others' companies which immediately influences share prices.

All of this takes place in a customized environment (place, time, duration of simulation, complexity) that is set by the teacher who can also integrate content by sharing dynamic news (real of fictional) with users, encouraging users to make adjustments along the way.

Participants "win" in one of two ways:

  1. To be a successful entrepreneur by creating a business that ends with the highest share price
  2. To be a savvy investor by ending with the largest portfolio value

Here is what teachers are saying about simCEO

"Truly unique! My students loved it. I loved the flexibility. I integrated content from India's colonial period. More than engaged, I could hardly hold my students back. They applied content and had fun. I'll pass this on to other teachers."

Matt Baughman - Michigan

"[the students are] psyched about this. I even have had enquiries from students who aren't in either of my high-school classes ask to play. There was enough "buzz" from last May that students remember and are interested!"

Melanie Mallinson - Cape Town, South Africa

“I love it, my students love it. Cannot say enough good things. I have used it in economics, entrepreneurship, and a college-level (credit) course in high school.”

- Trent Goldsmith, Waverly, OK

"I love this simulation, but best of all my students love it too. I wish there were more resources like this available.” Lynn Johnson, Okinawa Japan

“I am highly impressed.. Of the online interactive educational experiences - I rank this alongside the best.” Shelby Bryant, Dakar International School, Senegal

Learn more with this introductory video. (More videos available from the site: )

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