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Learn about the solar system and more as the StoryBots embark on a musical space odyssey.

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Early learners are sure to love these introductory videos on the concept of the solar system. This series features high quality music and animation that will instantly engage kids, and which teachers will enjoy watching as well. Each video states facts about its subject in a catchy song to aid kids in retaining the information and exciting them to discover more.

The Outer Space series features key facts about the planets, solar system and, specifically, the sun and moon. More videos are coming soon about the stars and our home planet!

All Learning Videos, as well as all StoryBots learning tools, are available free to teachers in the StoryBots Educator Network. For more information, please visit

We Are The Planets

Teaching Tool Breakdown

The Outer Space series is part of the Learning Videos series by StoryBots, which includes musical videos featuring concepts like time and animals. Kids will have a blast with these bite-sized videos featuring characters that keep them laughing and learning!

These videos cover the entire universe, stating facts about each planet, as well as in-depth information on each planet, using a fun, hip-hop style.

"I'm So Hot"

  1. Describes the physical characteristics of the sun
  2. Tells how planets orbit the sun
  3. Talks about why the sun is important to us
  4. Explains that the sun is a star
"Time to Shine"
    1. Describes the physical characteristics of the moon
    2. How the moon both spins and orbits
    3. The moon has phases
    4. How the moon reflects light from the sun
"We're the Planets"
    1. Describes physical characteristics of the eight planets
    2. Names the eight planets
    3. The planets orbit the sun
    4. Some planets have rings, while others have moons
    5. Planets are listed in their proximity to the sun
  1. Explains that the Earth has a girth of 25,000 miles
  2. States the Earth has more than 7 billion people
  3. Describes the geography of the Earth
  4. Shows the Earth's 7 continents
  5. States that 3/4 of the Earth is covered in water
  1. Describes physical characteristics of stars
  2. Explains that the Sun is a star
  3. Describes the vast number of stars in the sky
  4. States that stars for a galaxy
  5. States that Earth's galaxy is the Milky Way
  6. Describes the sizes of stars and names them
  7. Describes constellations and names a few

Time to Shine

I'm So Hot

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