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Learning Videos by StoryBots lets your students learn about science, math, and reading while having fun with videos you’ll feel good about giving them.

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With musical videos featuring concepts like time, outer space, the body, and animals, kids will have a blast with these bite-sized videos featuring characters that keep them laughing and learning. Kids will discover facts about their favorite animals, grasp the order of the days of the week, and learn information about the solar system. Each video is approximately 2-minutes and most of the videos are part of a series, with 5 videos per series. The videos can be used to preview a unit, learn new concepts, and reinforce skills.

These songs are catchy for kids and enjoyable for teachers! The Learning Videos app is available on the iPhone and iPad. These videos can be streamed over a Wi-Fi connection or downloaded to your account's virtual backpack, which allows you to watch these videos where Internet connection is not available. Teachers in the StoryBots Educator Network receive free access to the collection of StoryBots learning tools. For more information, check out

We are the Planets

Teaching Tool Breakdown

Learning Videos cover a wide array of subjects, including:

  • Outer Space
  • ABCs
  • Animal Songs
  • Classic Songs

More videos are being added constantly, with subject matter ranging from time and colors, to inventors!

Each video is approximately 2-minutes and most of the videos are part of a series, with 5 videos per series. For example, the 5 videos of the outer space series are: the sun, the moon, the Earth, the planets, and the Stars. The videos can be watched as a series or separately, depending on what your class is studying.

Techniques used in these songs include:

  • Key vocabulary words are explained
  • Key facts are repeated within each video and across videos of the same series
  • Lots of fun facts are presented to keep kids engaged

The Outer Space series covers the entire universe, stating facts about each planet, as well as in-depth information on each planet. After watching "I'm So Hot", kids will walk away knowing that the sun is comprised of hydrogen and helium, could fit 1 million earths, and is a fantastic rapper (okay, maybe that last part isn't completely true).

"I'm So Hot"

  1. Describes the physical characteristics of the sun
  2. Tells how planets orbit the sun
  3. Talks about why the sun is important to us
  4. Explains that the sun is a star

"Time to Shine"

  1. Describes the physical characteristics of the moon
  2. States how the moon both spins and orbits
  3. States the moon has phases
  4. Explains how the moon reflects light from the sun

"We're the Planets"

  1. Describes physical characteristics of the eight planets
  2. Names the eight planets
  3. Tells that the planets orbit the sun
  4. States some planets have rings, while others have moons
  5. Lists planets in their proximity to the sun

"I'm a Star"

  1. Describes physical characteristics of stars
  2. Explains that the Sun is a star
  3. Describes the vast number of stars in the sky
  4. States that stars for a galaxy
  5. States that Earth's galaxy is the Milky Way
  6. Describes the sizes of stars and names them
  7. Describes constellations and names a few

"A Beautiful, Beautiful World"

  1. Explains that the Earth has a girth of 25,000 miles
  2. States the Earth has more than 7 billion people
  3. Describes the geography of the Earth
  4. Shows the Earth's 7 continents
  5. States that 3/4 of the Earth is covered in water
ABC Videos aren't your usual ABCs -- these are 26 super-fun, 1-minute rockin’ music videos that helps kids identify the shapes and sounds of letters. See more information on ABC Videos here.

Animal Songs discuss animal facts, such that elephants are native to Africa, bears hibernate during the winter, and tigers are part of the cat family.

"Tiger in the Jungle"

  1. Tigers live in the jungle
  2. They are part of the cat family
  3. Some physical characteristics of a tiger are described

"Dance with the Elephant"

  1. Elephants are native to Africa
  2. Some physical characteristics of an elephant are described

"Big Brown Boogieing Bear"

  1. Bears live in the forest
  2. Bears are around 500 pounds
  3. Bears hibernate during the winter

"Chicken Bop"

  1. Chickens are farm animals
  2. Chickens lay eggs
  3. Some physical characteristics of a chicken are described

"Ba Ba Baboon"

  1. Baboons live in trees
  2. Baboons live in the sub-Saharan savannah
  3. Baboons groom each other

Classic Songs are the tunes we all loved as kids -- as well as educational ones, like counting to ten with Ten Little StoryBots and the ABCs!

The Time series describes various units of time, like seconds, days, seasons, and more with the StoryBots.

"Seven Days"

  1. Names the days of the week
  2. Counts that there are seven days in a week
  3. Shows the order of the days

"Seconds, Minutes and Hours"

  1. States the length of each unit
  2. Describes how each time unit is related
  3. Shows the size of each unit

"Four Seasons"

  1. Describes the characteristics of each season
  2. States that autumn is synonym for fall
  3. Names the four seasons
  4. Counts the four seasons in a year

"Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"

  1. Shows the sequence of yesterday, today, and tomorrow in context of a calendar
  2. Explains that yesterday was a day ago from today
  3. Explains that tomorrow is one day from today

"Twelve Months of the Year"

  1. Names the twelve months of the year
  2. Explains that there's twelve months in a year
  3. Shows the characteristics of each month
  4. Shows the order of the months

Big Brown Boogeying Bear

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