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Travel through a virtual version of our universe, exploring physical and geological phenomena, in this visually stunning iOS app.

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A comprehensive guide to the universe contained in an app, Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe features an impressive collection of over 200 interactive articles on topics, ranging from the origin of life to nebula formation. Each article begins with a short introductory video narrated by Brian Cox (taken from the BBC television series he hosts), followed by a written explanation, gorgeous images, and info-graphics.  


Watch the introductory videos narrated by Brian Cox

Discover the inner workings of the universe with this comprehensive, interactive guide  

Product Breakdown

This app provides an excellent introduction to planetary science. The initial one-to-two-minute videos for each topic will capture students’ attention.

Brian Cox

Cox does a solid job of breaking down big concepts into easily digestible explanations that are centered around stunning visuals. In fact, it’s the interactive visual experience (awe-inspiring 3D models and animations, engaging video, and gorgeous space photography) that makes this app work so well. The information itself is quite comprehensive, but it is well organized. 

The app is beautifully made.

This makes it possible to incorporate individual articles into focused lesson plans or to use the app as a “library” where students can explore and discover their own particular interests. The material will likely need to be supplemented by more in-depth analysis and experimentation, but the app provides an excellent entry point.

Ease of Use

This app is easy to use and navigate, with little teacher facilitation required other than to expand on the introductory concepts already contained within.


The app is very easy to use

There are two ways to navigate the app. You can explore the universe by category (sub atomic, atomic, earth, solar system, stars, Milky Way, galaxies, universe). This lends itself to shorter, more contained viewings—for example, you might watch a video on how to catch a sunbeam before reading about sunlight and photosynthesis.
Wonders of the Universe allows users to “journey” from earth into our solar system and to the universe beyond, learning about natural phenomena along the way. The home screen menu is one of the most fascinating features of this app: it’s a 3D animation that you can interact with by tapping, zooming, and swiping through. As you scroll through different articles, the screen changes, showing a visual of the topic you’re viewing. 

Journey from earth into our solar system and to the universe beyond

You can also opt for a more immersive experience and take one of Brian’s tours (either the Wonders of the Solar System or the Wonders of the Universe). Both category and tour-based navigation bring you to discrete articles on specific topics. Each article usually begins with a short video, and the user then scrolls down to view descriptions, images, and info-graphics. 


Star Death

For a video introduction and tutorial on using Brian Cox's Wonders of the Universe, watch:

Brian Cox's Wonders of the Universe

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