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Angry Birds is a great game to demonstrate physics principles since it is a game built on OSP-Open Source Physics. Students can experience many different kinematics principles while playing the game.

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Shari Hiltbrand
Middle School STEM Educator

1 Lesson Plans Using ANGRY BIRDS


Angry Birds is a widely-known and played game based on physics principles. Players are able to control trajectory and force by "pulling" on a slingshot thus affecting speed, velocity, and other factors pertinent to kinematics.

Teaching Tool Breakdown

Angry Birds is a popular game that can be found on just about any platform you choose. Chrome's version of Angry Birds is free and progress can be saved with a Gmail login. There is a limited free version in iOS and free version for Android.

The goal of the game is two-fold: 1) knock out all the pigs in a formation 2) get as many stars and extras hidden in a level as possible.

The format of the game determines the controls: iOS & Android versions are both touch screens, Chrome version requires a mouse or touch pad to launch the birds. The angle of launch as well as the speed of launch can be controlled with the pull of the slingshot.

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