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Choose from over 100 StoryBots coloring, tracing and maze activities to download and print. Just add crayons and a desk!

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The Activity Center on boasts a variety of types of activity sheets, one of each kind for each letter (100+ in all!). These can be used as blackline masters for fun classwork and homework.

Coloring sheets include words and images pertaining to a featured letter, A to Z, which students can color and decorate to their heart's content. These sheets contain images that start with the letter of the sheet, allowing kids to learn new vocabulary words as they color.

Letter tracing sheets allows students to practice their letter-writing skills, outlining the letter in dotted lines in both upper and lower case. Letters are also used in words, so students can read and write the letter in the context of a word. These sheets are also a fun way to practice proper writing technique.

Word Find sheets test students to find words starting with the letter of the sheet in a word search. These sheets also aid vocabulary development, with 10 words in each word search that relate to the featured letter and accompanying images, which can be colored, of each of the 10 words to reinforce the meaning of the words. Coloring is a fun activity and helps children develop their fine motor skills.

Connect sheets challenge students to connect the dots in A-B-C order, so that they can create an image. The image is a picture of a vocabulary word that starts with the featured letter. Children can then color the image, which is lots of fun and helps them develop their fine motor skills. These sheets give students motivation to grasp the order of the letters and recite the alphabet to discover the hidden image.

Holiday sheets are produced in connection with kids’ favorite holidays, including Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and contains crafts, coloring sheets, word finds, and areas for creative drawing.

Teachers in the StoryBots Educator Network receive free access to the collection of StoryBots learning tools. For more information, check out

Pair these sheets with ABC Videos by StoryBots, which uses the same vocabulary presented in the sheets.


A - An alligator juggling apples

B - A bear playing baseball

C - A cat eating cake

D - A duck admiring a diamond

E - An eagle with its egg

F - A frog flying a flag (featuring a fly)

G - A goat chewing gumballs

H - A hippo in a hip hat

I - An iguana licking ice cream

J - A jaguar drinking juice

K - A kangaroo flying a kite

L - A lobster serving lemonade

M - A monkey wearing a mustache

N - A newt reading a newspaper

O - An ostrich playing an oboe

P - A penguin eating pizza

Q - A quail and a quartet

R - A rabbit measured by a ruler

S - A snake racing on a sled

T - A turtle enjoying tea

U - A unicorn taking cover under an umbrella

V - A vulture cleaning with a vacuum

W - A walrus casting spells as a wizard

X - An x-ray fish on a xylophone

Y - A yak and his yo-yo

Z - A zebra looking fly in his zippered jacket


Such beautiful music!

Letter Tracing

A - Cat

B - Ball

C - Cow

D - Dog

E - Bed

F - Fat

G - Dog

H - Hat

I - Sit

J - Jog

K - Kale

L - Call

M - Man

N - Fan

O - Moo

P - Tap

Q - Quick

R - Car

S - Sit

T - Top

U - Full

V - Van

W - Wow

X - Box

Y - Hey

Z - Zoo


These can double as coloring sheets, too!

Word find

A - Aardvark, August, Art, Alligator, Anchor, Apple Pie, Ark, Airplane, Alphabet, Antelope

B - Butterfly, Button, Bear, Boat, Bat, Banana, Bread, Bird, Baseball, Ball

C - Cat, Cupcake, Crab, Cactus, Circle, Crayon, Clock, Cowboy, Candle, Cub

D - Dog, Duck, Deer, Door, Dessert, Dream, Desert, Dinosaur, Dinner, Dynamite

E - Elephant, Eel, Ear, Earth, Earring, Emu, Egg, Elf, Elk, Eggplant

F - Fox, Finger, Fan, Food, Forest, Friend, Farm, Fire, Face, Flamingo

G - Grill, Gorilla, Gill, Goose, Glue, Gecko, Guitar, Girl, Glasses, Globe

H - Hair, Hammock, House, Hyena, Hat, Hexagon, Hail, Hamburger, Hill, Harmonica

I - Ice Cream, Iron, Iguana, Insect, Island, Igloo, Iris, Ivy, Internet, Ink

J - Jungle, Jewel, Jigsaw, Jar, Jupiter, Jeans, Jaguar, Jump, Jam

K - Kangaroo, Kids, Keys, Knight, Karate, Kite, Kiwi, Kittens, Kiss, Knot

L - Lettuce, Lamb, Lobster, Lava, Librarian, Lemon, Lightbulb, Lime, Lake, Lantern

M - Magnet, Mammoth, Meteor, Moon, Moose, Map, Macaroni, Mittens, Mirror, Milk

N - Nautilus, Nut, Nectarine, Nurse, Neptune, Napkin, Noodles, Nail, Newspaper, Night

O - Oatmeal, Ocean, Onion, Oak, Ostrich, Overall, Oboe, Orchestra, Owl, Oven

P - Package, Pepper, Peach, Palace, Parrot, Pants, Pajamas, Pen, Paddle, Panther

Q - Quarter, Quail, Quilt, Quote, Quill, Quiz, Quartz, Question, Queen, Quit

R - Rabbit, Raccoon, Rice, Rooster, Raincoat, Rake, Raddish, Reptile, Rock, Raisin

S - Sun, Sandwich, Scissors, Seal, Satellite, Sword, Saw, Saxophone, Suit, Sausage

T - Table, Turtle, Tiger, Tomato, Toy, Tent, Tea, Teacher, Toad, Tail

U - Udder, Unicycle, Ugly, Uniform, Uncle, Ukelele, Unicorn, Under, Umbrella, UFO

V - Vacation, Vase, Vegetable, Vine, Vulture, Van, Vacuum, Vest, Violin, Vampire

W - Waffle, Whale, Warm, Welcome, Wave, Water, Wagon, Web, Waiter, Wall

X - X-ray, Mailbox, Box, Six, Fix, Fox, Ax, Xylophone, Wax, Hex

Y - Yacht, Yawn, Yogurt, Yard, Yolk, Yak, Yam, Yarn, Young, You

Z - Zoo, Zipper, Zodiac, Zoom, Doze, Zebra, Zigzag, Zucchini, Zap, Zero


Students will be pining for more word searches!


A - Alligator

B - Bee

C - Crab

D - Dinosaur

E - Elk

F - Flamingo

G - Ghost

H - Hedgehog

I - Igloo

J - Jellyfish

K - Kangaroo

L - Ladybug

M - Manatee

N - Nest

O - Owl

P - Panda

Q - Quail

R - Rhino

S - Sailboat

T - Tiger

U - Unicorn

V - Vampire

W - Walrus

X - Xylophone

Y - Yak

Z - Zebra


What could it bee?

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