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Learn how to create Backpacks and maximize your Educade experience by saving and organizing the best content for you.

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What's a backpack?

Educade understands that teachers need to be able to find and save content quickly and easily. Whether you plan to use an idea right then, or save it for later in the year, you want a platform that provides a solution to your content management needs. To support you we’ve developed Educade “Backpacks,” a cool feature that allows you to sort, save, and organize Educade content in a way that is customized to your school requirements and personal preferences.

Types of backpacks

Your profile will begin with three standard Backpacks: Liked, Used, and Authored content. As you browse Educade Lesson Plans, Teaching Tools, and Posts you can sort and pack content into one of these existing Backpacks for later review.


Three types of auto generated backpacks

From there you can create additional Backpacks, giving them custom labels that best suit you. Maybe that looks like a “Science” or “Games” Backpack, or maybe you get really specific and create a “Maker Ideas for 6th Grade Using Wood” Backpack. The quantity and type of Backpacks can extend as far as your imagination will go, so start packing today!

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